Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Decade Later - What Have We Truly Lost?

It was a bright sunny day. I was traveling from Pennsylvania to NJ on my way to work when I got a phone call from my wife Cheryl . She said, "turn on your radio, I think a plane just hit the WTC". I turned on the radio fully expecting it to be some errant piper cub to discover the surreal horror that it was in fact a jet airliner. I listened with a mixture of confusion and shock. Then the truly unbelivable happened, as I was listening the announcer shouted "the second tower has been hit" My mind went numb.
Today I pray for all victims of that tragic set of acts on that dark day.

American Sunrise 9/11/11

As a nation we seem to have lost something It seems as bad or worse as the darkest times of the 70s when we were plagued as a nation that was in a "malaise" as President Carter infamoulsy said.

Today our nation has a hole bigger than New York in its soul. We are not a bad people, we simply have lost our way and forgotten who we are.

So I include in my prayers that we as a nation have our spirit renewed. That spirit that says 'together we make a difference'. That our people, born out of the crucible of coming here from many lands to taste the precious waters of freedom all for a chance to realize a dream.

All of us who are here are decendants of those sturdy survivor/dreamers.
God has blessed us in many ways. With providence, it is now up to us once again. The spirit of us, as Americans, is noble. Time to reawaken and set free the greatness of the spirit of our people.

While we have made mistakes along the way, there is nothing that we can't accomplish simply by calling forth that uniquely American passion that we will bring to ourselves and our children a better world. And then, each of us in our own way, going out daily to do our part to realize that dream.
Some might look at the photo of the flag that I posted and see it as an American Sunset. I prefer to see it as an American Sunrise. It is at half mast as a fitting requiem to those who have sacrificed before us. There are still clouds that fill the horizon, but the sun is coming up and bringing with it renewal.

Let Freedom Ring!