Monday, January 23, 2012

California Dreaming?

When Jerry Brown was re-elected, I shook my head and thought of Eintein's Maxim, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results". Why the voters of California would re-elect the orginal Governor 'Moonbeam" and expect something different is beyond me.

I love California. It is my home state and appreciate the wonderful weather, landscape, and beaches, etc, etc. Often, I hear from my children and others who are young, how much they long to go 'California Dreaming' and live in the warmth of the "Beach Boys' Sun". Unfortunately, what they are longing for is a dream that no longer exists. The idea of California does not match up to the reality of California. It is now a land of failed vision that can only be enjoyed by the wealthiest or the poorest. If you are part of the middle class, you struggle to find work, when you do, you are paid less than workers in other states and then your cost of living (food, housing, transportation, taxes) is higher than almost anywhere else.

As I sit hear in my Virginia home and look out on a street that is cold with ice around, I am reminded of Randy Newman's song "I Love LA" and long for the sunny days of my youthful boyhood home in Whittier. However, I then wake up and realize that it is just a dream and the reality of what has taken it's place, in California, is a nightmare.

So, until the 'climate' changes there, I will simply put on my sweater, and patiently wait for Spring to arrive.