Sunday, February 1, 2009

Am I Dumber Than Stella?

Well you might think so....

You see it turns out that my entire post from last week on the Stella Awards was a complete hoax. According to, the entire Stella Awards is another of those Urban Myths, perpetuated by those who love to decry our legal system.

As my good friend, Chris Stiehl, author of "Pain Killer Marketing" points out. It is the job of lawyers to represent their clients fully and to understand the legal implications of every clients complaint. Therefore, it should be the right of every citizen to explore all legal remedies to their situation. On the other hand, we expect the judiciary to be fair representatives of the common interests. They should be the watch guards of what is legitimate and what is a waste of the courts time.

It is not lawyers who run amok, it is the judiciary who should be exercising wisdom and judgement.

So, mea culpa, for perpetuating this urban myth.

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